Sketchup - Working on Google Earth Terrain

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Hey guys.

I am trying to style a city on an island in the center of the an ocean that is present in Google earth as well as I would like to build it on the terrain model itself. However, the island is fairly large and when I simply click the Get Current View switch within sketchup it says that I am too high. Is there anyhow that i can use the whole island model?

Looking for help.

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Attempt zooming into the google earth design a bit so that Sketchup will allow you to import a piece from the isle.

After that, in Google Earth move over to a new area, attempt to restore more than clapboard the prior section slightly as well as in sketchup import this particular new region.

Build it up just like a patchwork duvet. Google Earth as well as Sketchup ought to put it in the correct placement...