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I need to Intern with an Architect after a year and a half. I've started researching for firms, but don't know where to start. I'm looking for an Architect or a firm that is preferably small, and does hands on work. More than conceptualizing or drafting, innovation in design directly by skill/application on site maybe? Any clue where I could find an Architect who works like this within India? 

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Working in a small firm is really beneficial and u'd get to learn more in that. But these day there are very few firms working manually and that too with direct implication on site...see up to some extent its fine but u lose quite a lot of learning wen u directly try to implicate things on u will make drawing u will realize the mistakes and other aspects which is good to know at that point rather then discovering that on site...

i think your idea of working in a small firm is good but drawings and conceptualizing is our language please don't try to omit that...

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    We at ADS have 2 vacancies for 4th/final year Trainees.
If you / someone known to you is looking for internship / training he is welcome to join our organisation in Pune (Maharashtra).
   Just a brief about ADS:
ADS is headed by Architect couple Suman & Soni Saha. With over 8 years of experience in the field of Architecture & interior designing they have been fortunate enough to work under renowned Architects like Ar. K. R. Jaisim, Gayathri & Namith Architects & Locus Architects, Bangalore and Ar. Iqbal Cheney in Pune. So with a good blend of Architecture & interior projects on the table, every student who joins ADS and is willing to learn has lot of scope and vast opportunities.

Lets share the adventure called "Architecture"

ADS Team

Pls. mail to: