Please Suggest Some Topics for Thesis

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 hello everyone im in 4th year and am looking forward to my thesis nxt year, please suggest me some gud thesis topics .....relevant to the present times......



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I seriuosly think that the thesis topic you choose should come by your learning experience only.....

you have spent so much time in the field of have seen so much goin on around you, should look into yourself and ask yourself what you want to improvise upon.....

nobody can tell tell u YOUR thesis topic....they can only reflect their ideas ...dont get intimidated by those...

wat ur friends can do for you is......take a questionaire from the people who know you and ask them "what should be sana's ideal thesis topic....." this will reflect what all have they seen u doin in the past years.....ur areas of interest, even if you might have ignored them but they might have noticed the sparcle in your eyes...


unfortunately i cant help you in this matter ....since i definately dont know you...

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I think you are right Goyal. What people can do is only "try" to help, but the real support comes from within..

Anyways, I have started a new thread regarding thesis topics here :

Possible Topics For Architectural Thesis << -- CLICK ON THIS

This may not be an answer to the problem, but atleast it may help people in some way. What do you think?

Your contributions will be highly appreciated.

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Archeological Research and Training Institute-can anyone help me with this project...

also if anyone has any info abt the upcoming live projects in west bengal thn plzzzz sent me info ....