India Tower is the Mumbai’s Tallest Building

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India Tower is the Mumbai’s Tallest Building

India’s First Supertall and India’s Greenest Skyscraper

This India Tower, at Marine Lines, Navi Mumbai is also called Park Hyatt Tower.

  • 74 floors.
  • 301 mts.
  • Mixed-use residential and hotel tower.
  • 882,000 sq fts carpet area.
  • Designed by Fox and Fowle Architects.
  • Under Construction...



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Look out Dubai,all those indian workers that built up the world's greatest city and building will outshine all in India!!!WOW11111

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Wow India is attempting to captive. The architectural community...worthless office buildings. My opinion India needs
large office parks. Urban planning is needed to improve. Grid
lock the population is not the problem. The cramped limited
space of the cities of India. Now the building it's not a statement. Majority of the Indian residential community prefer. Lesser storied buildings I know I civil engineer. From Denmark high rise is insufficient to Nordic countries.
They work great in America,China,Dubai and Brazil. India only needs heights of no taller than. 500ft reason the concept fits inappropriately to historical India. This my
opinion the tower would do better. New 'urban community in
large corporate area. Older cities in India just deface the
heritage as. Example Vienna you have high rise. Buildings on
outskirts reason the historical area. I hope Indian civil
planning commissions. Zone new era's for development high
is inept for India!

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its great to know that soon india will have its iconic highrises and skyscrapers...It's a driving force for indian architects to predict india's architecture reaching the skyline and setting new dimensions to the field of architecture...It's an inspiration for me as well.As an architecture student, it would previledge me to add on some of my ideas for future architecture that wil soon cross the sky limits.