Lamp Model

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Lamp Model

Last year graphic exercise...

Supposed to design a lamp shade only in white paper..

It took me 3 days to cut the 60 pyramidal structures and to glue them point point by point..

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21 August 2008

hey dude nice lamp---nice piece of craft actually--but could you upload more pics of the lamp with the light inside so that we better understand the quality of light coming from your lamp---i am attaching pics of lamp i had done in my first year---do comment

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26 May 2010

yeah i agree..until n unless u put light inside d lamp n check light effect one will not be able to understand the quality of light. newayz good effort shaddysha...!!

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6 July 2011

hey this is incredible! can you teach us how to do it? it looks like a Japanese origami=)

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28 July 2012

WOW!! spectacular work