What a Life?

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Pencil sways in the hands ,
Rolls of sheets filled in stands ,
Models piled up beside the wall ,
Always trying to make a call .
All begins up wid a sketch ,.
Trying more n more to fetch ,
Putting functions all along ,
Aesthetics n Bye Laws sing a song .
Niteouts becomes a regular mission ,
Fighting to complete the submission ,
Bathing n Brushing become occasions ,
Movies comes in frequent sessions . .
Attendence , Suppli’s are the free gifts ,
Always malfunction are the lifts ,
All we like is – The Mass Bunk ,
And that makes it more easy to flunk

Author’s Note: To express the life of an architectural student especially studying in SPA, how different it is from where we all came from.The activities associated with spa students described humourously.

Manasa Madduri
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