Does an architect lose credibility if he can’t sketch?

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21 February 2008

I think sketching is a skill (although very useful), but what's more important is to communicate your "concept" (through any medium of presentation).

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6 September 2010

yaa...sketching is a skill which will surely going 2 help u to make people understand ur concept and theme.......good sketching always going 2 help u in any matter.........

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good sketching is just a cherry on your cake

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26 May 2010

In my opinion an architect should be able to sketch because what's the point if his/her CONCEPTS are not getting conveyed? and one more thing though there are 100 means of presentation medium.. SKETCHING is the evergreen technique for to communicate your ideas..

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I believe that the this depends on if the architect possesses other skills with which to present, such as model making. However, the architect will have a difficult time if he/she/other does not have an effective manner with which to present at all.

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18 July 2011

Easy and faster way of communicating your Concept is sketching (if one knows to sketch)when compare to any other electronic medium.

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28 June 2012

I think sketching is a skill which can be improved architects credibility is not completely depended on it..if you take Frank Ghery he scribbles and then makes a form out of that...